2017 Exhibition

Outstanding! Quality work and full of diversity! Inspiring! And many more enthusiastic comments from visitors to the exhibition.

This is an exhibition with a difference – it is not managed, not selective, not slick or monied – but relaxed and celebratory with local artists given the freedom to express what they really believe is important to them. There was eagerness and concentration from the large numbers who attended over the weekend, many of whom purchased original artwork and prints. Their comments were much appreciated by the volunteers who give their time freely to raise this annual event. Also appreciated was the comment from Dr Catherine Burke from Cambridge University that LEA officers from the past, such as Henry Morris and Sir Alec Clegg, both convinced of the fundamental importance of art in society, would have been delighted with the concepts behind the exhibition.

Cathy, who is Reader in History of Education and Children, also believes that the arts must play a significant part in today’s curriculum. SVC students carefully checked in artworks, welcomed visitors and watched the paintings being hung and undoubtedly benefitted from the creative experience. As did the visiting children who spent much time choosing their favourite paintings to enter the Win a Picture draw, participated in the art activities and went inside the splendid art installation created by Steve Ferris and local schools and art groups.

The photographs of the artwork speak for themselves and this year’s Top Twenty, chosen by Alastair Hull, Haddenham Galleries, Sheila Ceccarelli, Access Art, and John McGill, Sculptor, will go on to a Christmas exhibition at Haddenham.

Finally, there are a couple of recent comments made in Cambridge that we must keep in mind: “Be curious. And however difficult life may seem there is always something that you can do and succeed at,” said Professor Sir Stephen Hawkins. And Andrew Marr, launching his new book “A Short History of Painting”, said “ .. you will be thrilled and constantly surprised by the work that is being done near you, wherever you are, right now.” We think of both these men as being of the highest intellect but you can be sure that it is that added spark of creativity that has made them what they are!

Thank you to all artists and visitors, Judges – Alastair Hull, John McGill and Sheila Ceccarelli, HMC Framing Ltd, Dr Catherine Burke, Andy Daly, Phoebe Monk & student helpers from Swavesey Village College. Also thank you to our artist helpers including Rampart’s art group and Gerry Wilmer.

Images below from the Preview evening by Diana Jarvis Photography.

Top 20 Awards 2017
Artwork # Full Name Title
16 Richard Baker Apples, Foxgloves and Strawberries Winner
116 Katherine Gravett Stem Cells and Gene Therapy Runner – up
176 Sarah McGonigle Glacier Runner – up
278 Amy Wormald Pathway Runner – up
2 Astrig Akseralian A Refreshing Breeze
48 Anine Cockwell-De Jong War Horse
52 Edgar Collinson Hill in Autumn, Heydon
65 Peter Corr Eriswell
85 Sue Eaton GOLD LEAF
96 Eithne Fisher Llani 4
107 Caroline Furlong Fieldlines Spring
113 Barbara Grafton Windows into Printmaking
128 Chrissie Havers Tom’s Hole – Evening Light, River Lark
140 Angie Hill Fenland Field Scenes
150 Hannah Kennard Flowers Blue
152 Liz King Blue Spot series no.1
164 Karen Macwhinnie Dock
178 Hannah McGonigle Cambridgeshire
208 Andrew Oliver Nicaraguan Landscape with horse
251 Shane Swann Seabird


Promoting art, artists and well-being through exhibition, education and participation.

Cambridgeshire’s major independent non-selective Open Art Exhibition featuring contemporary and traditional paintings, sculpture and prints and the Cambridge Art Awards.

The exhibition is non-selective to ensure a wide-ranging show of artwork to please our audience and encourage emerging artists to exhibit alongside professionals.

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