The Charity

Cambridge Open Art Exhibition is pleased to support the Johabeto Orphanage in Kitale, Kenya.

In 2016 we introduced a charity element to the event. Proactive students from Swavesey Village College invited contributions in collecting buckets from the visitors. As we do not charge an entry fee they were happy to respond and £800 was raised.

The charity funds are kept quite separate from the exhibition entry fees from artists which are used entirely for raising and promoting the show.

SVC students were delighted to be involved the fundraising and most interested in hearing how their efforts were rewarded.

The orphanage provides a family environment and education for disabled orphans that have either been abandoned or have lost their parents to Aids or other diseases. Despite the loving environment and protection, the facilities are very basic and life is hard for the children.

Martin and Ruth Shikuku at the Orphanage work to provide shelter, food and education for some of the most vulnerable special needs children from the Kambi Teso slum. They are currently raising money for a basic onsite sanitation system and pumped drinking water: your participation in this exhibition helps to support this important work.

Our Chairperson, Joanne Bishop, has visited the orphanage recently and knows the organisers personally. She was delighted to receive photographs (see above) showing how the charity money (all money is used, none goes on administration) had been used to buy beds for children, many of whom were sleeping on the floor.

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