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Vote here for Aviva Community Fund…

Please vote for us! Cambridge Open Art Exhibition are in the running to win some funding from the Aviva Community Fund to help support our community projects for 2018.


Cambridge Open Art Exhibition is a non-profit organisation run by volunteer artists. We put all our income into the exhibition and it’s charitable aims.


We are proud to be an exhibition with a difference: our vision is to support local artists; to inspire and stimulate children and young people’s creativity, sparking a lifelong passion for visual art; and to work for the benefit of our community by making all of this free and accessible to everyone

Vote here:


To vote you will need to register with Aviva, but don’t worry it’s quick and painless, and they won’t send you lots of emails. You will be given 10 votes which you can give all to us (yes please!) or several different causes if you want. You don’t need to live in Cambridgeshire to vote for us.