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The Big Draw

Alongside the exhibition we are  participating in The Big Draw festival.

Jonny Boatfield, local artist & illustrator, produces installations and intricate walk-in worlds for children and will be running workshops over Saturday and Sunday in the cafe area.  

The theme is ‘The Night Sghoul’ (as it’s almost halloween!). The students of the school are various strange, curious, magical or dangerous individuals or creatures, along with their teachers.
Participants will be encouraged to draw their own character, name it and add it to the theatre. Also adding it to a school ‘Sghoul’ yearbook. 
Other things people can become involved with are: making the night Sghoul environment, or set for the theatre, colouring-in of the set, and drawings.
The event is designed to accommodate all ability levels, also time and attention levels, whilst giving a sense of involvement in an exciting visually stimulating project.