Cambridge Art Awards

The participating artists compete for:

  • a top prize of £500
  • runners-up awards of framing prizes kindly provided by Milton based HMC Framing
  • this year the Top Twenty chosen artists will go forward to an exhibition at the
    Babylon Gallery in Ely from 30 November to 19 December 2016


Judging took place on Friday 18 Nov.


This year’s judges were:


Gerry Wilmer, artist

Stuart Green, former Director of Art at King’s School, Ely

Chris Williams, Williams Art


Stuart Green on choosing the Top Twenty winners:

Picasso once said that

“Painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war, for attack and defence against the enemy. A good painting ought to bristle with razor blades.”

When judging this exhibition I will not be looking for mere decoration. I will not be looking for a battle and I will certainly not be looking for any razor blades!

What I will be looking for is visual impact through an imaginative response combining strong use of colour, good composition and confidence and dexterity with the medium.

I know this will not be an easy task for I am sure the exhibition will be of a high standard but I am looking forward to the challenge. A quality artwork “talks” to the viewer and I anticipate many wonderful “conversations.”



2016 Awards


Best in Show Winner:


Eithne Fisher - The Heart of the Matter


Runner Up awards:

Peter Corr - Topographical

Karen McWhinnie - Fenlands

Jane Thomas - #2


Other winners:

Virginia Albutt - Jugs

Richard Baker - Roses and Clematis

Susan Barnes - Negative Space N.Y.C 2

Ronald Blackwell - Tranquility

Joshua Blunt - Stafford

Steve Ferris - Vigrid

Chrissie Havers - Walking Along the Riverbank

Liz King - The Clearing no. 2

Maria Merridian - Making Materials Come Alive

Greta Miksaite - Diva

Rosemary Millar - Landscape 2

Ruth Oinn - The Wind Sail Blaw For Evermore

John Preston - Charlestown

Valerie Sims - Pinkfoots

Clare Maria Wood - Entwined

Edgar Collinson - Cycling Home to Alconbury