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An Eidophusikon

Steve Ferris said of his art installation, “The underlying theme is the cosmos, at a macro and micro level. The imagery can easily be interpreted as both the galactic expanse and a slice at the cellular level”.

This may have been a bit over the heads of the Rampton Art Group as they prepared to take part in the preparation but, as the photos show, they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The installation will certainly be “over the heads” of visitors to the Cambridge Open Art exhibition as they will be able to enter the “temple” and gaze up into the cosmos!

Some of the hundreds of preliminary drawings and a scale maquette, that Steve prepared before the final piece is finished by school children and community group Ramparts, will also be displayed.

The Parnell Trust, the Arts Society and the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation have provided financial support and the installation will be displayed in other venues next year.

Rosemary Millar


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Local artists were quick off the mark to enter for this year’s exhibition and it is now at capacity.

The next important step is to ensure that as many people as possible come to see the original artworks on display. Please encourage people to join our Facebook group and to get to the exhibition. Flyers and posters will be available to artists at pick-up points a few weeks before we open.

There is something very pleasing about visiting an exhibition and standing in front of works that you may only have seen previously as reproductions – at large, national exhibitions of well-known artists you may have been surprised at the size of the Mondrian or the Hockney or found the colours and textures unexpectedly pleasing and, after attending the event, almost always felt a great sense of satisfaction.

At a local exhibition such as the Cambridge Open there is the added advantage of affordable art to buy. Nothing can compare with owning and hanging your piece of original art. It will be a constant source of interest, a good talking point and no-one else will have it! Or perhaps acquire a piece of sculpture – impossible to appreciate in a photograph as you can’t touch it or move around it.

Everyone can draw and paint although many will argue that they can’t! But if you don’t have the time to spend doing it do find a little of that time to visit the exhibition. Even better become a patron of the arts! Surprisingly addictive but very good for you! If you already own artworks please get in touch and tell us about them and what you enjoy about having them.

Rosemary Millar.