30 Nov - 18 Dec 2016

Dates & Times


Artwork should be delivered

to the gallery on

Tuesday 29 November 2016

between 10am and 6:30pm

Collection of unsold artwork

when the gallery closes on

Sunday 18 December

between 4pm and 5pm

Collection may be made (by prior

arrangement with the gallery) on

Monday between 10am and 4pm.



Friday 2 December

5.30 - 8pm


Gallery opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday 12 - 4pm

Closed on Monday

Free entry


Babylon Gallery

Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU

01353 616991

[email protected]


Terms & Conditions


  • One work of art from each of the Top Twenty will be displayed in the gallery, provided that there is sufficient space and that the work is suitable for the space (family venue).
  • Babylon Gallery will make every effort to protect the artworks from damage but accepts no liability, nor can the Babylon Gallery insure the work. Artists may make their own arrangements to insure their works against theft, loss or damage.
  • All work must have 2 strong anchorage points on the back; ‘clip’ frames and Neilsen frames will be rejected on safety grounds.
  • There is a commission payable to Babylon on all sales of 25% + VAT. You may take this into account when pricing your work. All works must be available to buy; if a work is sold during the exhibition at SVC, the artist may elect to submit a replacement of similar medium, style, quality and size, subject to approval by COAX and Babylon. If your work is sold at the Babylon Gallery, please be prepared to supply a suitable replacement work as quickly as possible.
  • Payment for sold work will be made to the artists in January.
  • By submitting work for this exhibition you confirm your participation and accept the above conditions.
  • Please email your name, title of work, media and selling price to [email protected] before Friday 25 November 2016. This will be used for lists and labelling of artworks. Please ensure that your submitted work also carries this information on the back.